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3 million lives daily.

We are a leading IoT Service Provider specialising in professional connectivity solutions catering to successful enterprise IoT players.

Let us help you make an impact!

Proud IoT Service Provider to 100+ clients

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presence at the edge.

Choose from our pre-approved Trinity-provided hardware with custom firmware optimised for IoT workloads, or embed our agent on your hardware. Alternatively, we support customer-implemented API integration for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios.

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Trinity IoT RUT240 and TSW110.
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transport layer.

We leverage Trinity network SIMs and a private IP network to establish secure connections. Our bespoke routing rules ensure efficient data flow and manage connectivity with constant monitoring. Your application tunnels through these links, either piggybacking on our protocols or running as a stand-alone side-car deployment.

Trinity IoT Network Operators, MTN, Vodacom, Telenor

management platform.

Our platform offers a rich set of APIs, enabling seamless interoperability with your existing systems. It is specialised enough to serve as your primary IoT management platform while remaining adaptable to your specific business needs.

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digital twins.

As your business matures, you may need closer collaboration and deeper integration. To this end, we provide bespoke integration of your business-aware digital twins into your business environment, unlocking the full potential of your IoT ecosystem.

Trinity IoT Business-aware Digital Twins

Why trust in Trinity?

When IoT connectivity becomes a critical driver of your business success, partnering with us is the smart choice because.

We understand

We understand that the success of your business is tethered to the continuous and reliable operation of equipment at the edge of your network.

We help you succeed

Our experience and expertise in IoT connectivity make us the ideal partner to help you navigate and succeed in the IoT landscape.

We take care

We take care of every single point of failure, incorporating resiliency and redundancy at every step, ensuring robust and uninterrupted operations.

We get out of your way

We get out of your way and take a large chunk of your headaches with us, allowing you to focus on the unique value proposition of your business.

You don’t have to...

Nothing we do is remotely glamorous, nor is it particularly innovative from a consumer's perspective. We will gladly tell you how to do it yourself - if you are interested. In truth, many of our clients did just that; at first.

But they do.


Your service has been consistently excellent, with quick response times and a proactive approach to addressing any issues or concerns that arise. This level of reliability has truly been invaluable to our operations.

Fay HendricksProduct ManagerTsebo Energy

Product Manager

Tsebo Energy


Trinity’s platform provided both the service and connection layer and the application enablement layer we required to roll out. They were able to give us access to an entire back-end system which enabled us to roll out a very effective service, in a short time, without having to start from scratch.

DirkManaging DirectorIDS Protect

Managing Director

IDS Protect


Trinity created a solution for us when everyone else said it wasn't possible. Their solution supported our offering, gave our customers what they wanted and came in at a fair price. It's also been a pleasure working with their sales, support and accounting teams.

Chris WestcottChris WestcottAmatron

Chris Westcott


Our astute clients allowed us to guide them on their journey to IoT excellence, where their innovation partnered with our reliability.

Let us help you make an impact!

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