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Business-Ready IoT

Simplify and accellerate the development of your IoT with a team of experts.

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Ensuring companies flourish in a highly connected world

Developing IoT solutions in-house is often time-consuming and expensive. We provide the key products and services that simplify and accelerate this process, allowing you to focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest.

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Connected Devices

Services for your industry

Enterprises from a range of industries make use of our services to streamline and accelerate their IoT projects. Our team of experts help customers design and deploy IoT solutions that sit on top of our pre-built infrastructure, so that all they need to do is plug in their industry-specific App.

We support over 200 solutions that touch people's lives

We provide the core infrastructure and services needed to power IoT across a range of industries and IoT use cases. From fast food delivery to home security, we have helped companies across multiple industries to deploy IoT solutions that change the way people work and live.

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Getting Mr D Food to the market fast

Mr D Food (previously Mr Delivery) has blown the lid off South Africa’s fast food industry by capitalising on the demand for good (and quick) cuisine, the surge in Internet penetration and a formidable partnership with Trinity.

The hugely popular food delivery business was founded in Cape Town in 1992 and was purchased by in 2014. The surge in demand for fast food forced Mr D Food to reassess its delivery platform and to implement a best in class digital component, fast.

“Trinity brings together all the elements of a complex IoT project into a single smart platform that is ready to use.”


Realtime management of digital signage

Barrows is a global design and manufacturing business specializing in retail. Retail is moving rapidly towards more technology enabled environments and Barrows’ designed in-store systems are now used by all of the major retailers in the country.

“What really sets Trinity apart is the level of personal service. I can call Trinity and know that I will speak to the same person immediately. This is rare in the technology sector.”

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Rapid roll out for digital security company

IDS realised that there was a real, pressing need for a remote monitoring and access solution. It had the option to ‘build’ or ‘buy’ the underpinning IoT enablement layer. Having explored both, and reviewed Trinity’s platform, IDS decided to ‘buy’, and was able to rapidly, and smoothly roll out their solution to clients across the country.

“Trinity’s platform provided both the service and connection layer and the application enablement layer we required to roll out a very effective service, in a short time, without having to start from scratch.”

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