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Team Feature: Isaac Masuku

Team Feature: Isaac Masuku



My favourite part about working at Trinity is the ever-changing technology, constant learning, interaction with different peopleand challenging customer issues – its an environment that will not allow you to sleep on the job!

When did you start at Trinity and how did it happen / why did you choose IoT? 

I started on the 26 of July 2006 but officially 1st August. It happened because I studied Electrical Engineering and looked for related entry post in the field – IOT chose me by working for Trinity but generally I was looking for any work in the Engineering field.

What is a typical day at the office like for you? 

A typical day will be: start by thinking about what is outstanding from the previous day and try to tackle that before new work comes my way, then sharing of knowledge/training and troubleshooting issues with internal staff. Supporting customers with daily issues and providing solutions to asked questions, communication with OEM’s of hardware we distribute, reading a lot of documentation to understand new features and technology that have not been explored before, acquiring knowledge/learning from software support and developer teams.

What was the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

All new dev related projects are exciting because they bring something new.

What was the most difficult project you’ve worked on and how did you solve the problem?

A difficult project is normally difficult because you have not acquired enough knowledge and experience for you to tackle on your own and therefore the answer to this question will be an all-new project that has not been navigated or fully explored before, they are just too many to point one project.

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