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Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Mr D Food (previously Mr Delivery) has blown the lid off South Africa’s fast food industry by capitalising on the demand for good (and quick) cuisine, the surge in Internet penetration and a formidable partnership with Trinity.

The hugely popular food delivery business was founded in Cape Town in 1992 and was purchased by Takealot.com in 2014. The surge in demand for fast food forced Mr D Food to reassess its delivery platform and to implement a best in class digital component, fast.

Trinity brings together all the elements of a complex IOT project into a single smart platform that is ready to use; which is exactly what we needed. A tried and tested solution that could be live in months, and is truly network agnostic.

Devin Sinclair, Head of Mr D Food.

Mr D now has a network of thousands of restaurants delivering to suburbs across the country.

The challenge was to make it simpler and easier for us and the customer, and to oil the operation to eliminate gremlins and make the make delivery process quicker. Trinity’s platform takes care of all the service & connectivity elements and the business layer. The Mr D mobile and web apps are underpinned by this platform. The key element our team brought to the party was deep domain expertise.

Devin Sinclair, Head of Mr D Food.

And with the number of smartphone users expected to reach 20 million in South Africa by 2020, the sky’s the limit in terms of potential growth.